Gas Recipe on Charcoal Grill...


Brian Johnson


I'm a charcoal man. That's what we used when I was growing up, it's what I use now. I've gotten out of my "you're cheating if you're using gas" mindset, thanks in part to my fellow enthusiasts in this very forum, but I still don't own a gas grill. I'm getting a lot better, but I still get intimidated thinking about trying a recipe that was obviously intended for a gas grill.

What's your best advice for someone who, unfortunately, doesn't get to grill/BBQ on a regular basis trying to adapt a recipe intended for a gas grill to a basic Weber kettle?
Good for you, Brian. I applaud you for staying true to your roots and grilling the way you like it. To be clear, I rarely develop a recipe for a charcoal grill or gas grill specifically. I try my best to make my recipes successful on either. However, as you know, cooking over charcoal require a lot more involvement from the cook. You have to get a handle on the fire and embers and somehow maintain the ideal temperature range for whatever you cooking. Gas grillers just set it and step back. So my first piece of advice is find a brand of charcoal you like and stick with it. You need to know how that charcoal burns in all kinds of conditions -- wind, rain, blazing hot sun, whatever. If you can control the temperature as well as a gas grill can, then you made a charcoal grill cook similarly to a gas grill. Of course on a charcoal grill, you going to get smokier flavors. In most cases, I'd say that's a big advantage. Thanks for your question.