Gas go anywhere grills


George Curtis

TVWBB Olympian
Leaving this as a general gas ga post. As on another post, I found I had a new never used gga but it was missing a regulator. So after getting the dust off I put it in a pillow case and stored it away awaiting my finding an option for the regulator. So I grabbed another grill in a pillow case and opened it up. Wow, another like new, unused gga but this one has everything including the regulator. So a bit of dusting off and back into storage. I have other bodies that are not complete and a bit damaged so not sure what to do with them but I will not toss them. One I may use as a riser as someone else did.
Well, found another gga in very good shape. One more that can be fixed up. So I actually have only one that is bad enough that it can be used for something else. Sadly, everytime I look at it I hear this voice saying " but what about me ? " in a plaintive voice. So I will finish up things and then take a strong look at it. Same with other one that came with little on it. Maybe design some other style of grill. Remember my electric ga idea ?