Galaxy Chicken


Dean Torges

R.I.P. 11/4/2016
Depending on whether it has legs or not, lay a 6 or 8 qut Dutch oven on WSM bottom rack or in empty water pan. Do this over a bed of Minion coals so cast iron heats up without too much drama. When things get going good, arrange rutabagas, parsnips, and carrots all cut to similar size, and several medium-sized yellow onions cut into quarters, enough of each to meet your needs. Throw in some whole garlic cloves, too, if you like, and some whole baby zuchinni if you want for variety. Sprinkle with oregano and drizzle on a quality virgin olive oil (not always true that you can cook with just any grade of olive oil and not tell the difference), then dust everything with kosher salt, grind on some pepper, shake on some good balsamic vinegar, replace lid, fold a tent of aluminum foil over the oven (using your welding gloves) to protect it from drippings, replace top rack, and bake, targeting 350°.

When WSM approaches 350°, lay butterflied chicken halves on the top rack that have been marinated overnight in the following marinade:

In lidded jar, to juice of two ripe lemons, add 1 heaping tsp each of dry mustard, oregano, basil, garlic pwdr, salt and ground black pepper. Shake to rhumba beat for a minute. Add cup of olive oil (cheaper oil ok here) and switch to salsa rhythm for another minute. Overhaul chicken several times during marination.

Continue at 350° until chicken is done, around two hours. Schedule will finish vegetables and chicken together.

A complete meal in the WSM. Northern European utensils and vegetables, Mediterranean flavors, South American stylish, and Hillbilly Ohio ingredients, all married with techniques from space. Nice to have one-station meat and roasted vegetables in the summer without heating up the kitchen. To prepare you for its goodness, pour retsina apéritifs. Kalì óreksie.