Foiling butts


Jerry Pollard

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I I am cooking 3 bbs on wsm sat for a birthday party.
Plan on starting around 3 am for a 5:30 pm event.
i plan to foil to keep bbs warm, would foiling at 190 and put foiled wrapped in cooler,
would the meat be "mushy"? if kept in cooler for a couple or 3 hours. I plan to cook at around 275 degrees, 8lb butts.

Rick Kramer

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You should be fine. You could also wrap in foil around the 170* mark. When they get to about 195ish, pull butts off the cooker and open the foil for about 15 mins to release some of the heat, thereby stopping the carryover cooking. Close the foil back up and put in cooler to rest. Whether you foil at 170 or 190 just let the butts set in the open before sealing them up for the rest in the cooler. Trust me, it'll be fine! Hope this helps


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Well i never done that. But i still read that ppl keeping a butt warm for 6h wraped in foil/towels and put in a cooler box. Still hot/moist when they pull it.

The only downside as i can se it is that the "bark" will get mushy. Other then that i dont think it will change anything.

3h will be just fine. But dont pull it @ 190 going by temp. Check for tenderness before pulling(you know this already just wanna be over clear).

190 is when most of my previous butts have been "pulled" tender.

Good Luck!

Richard Diaz

I've never used foil. I've always had really good bark, I think that the foil will take away from it. I pull at 183ish, I then wrap in saran wrap and place it in a cooler with towels for 2 hours. I find that going to 190 for me creates a mushy tuna fish like texture which I don't like. I like for it to be stringy/strandy.