First Time Turkey



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If whole maybe hours or more, but it would be quite smoky. Maybe 350 to 375, and chop it up. Then only 100 minutes or less. Then again I am no expert...
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Hunter Butler

I’ve got a 13.5lb that I’m going to spatchcock and cook on the SmokeFire (probably 13lbs after I do that), also my first whole Turkey. I tried 2 turkey breasts last month and they were smokier than I’d like so I’m switching to Apple pellets for this cook. Good luck on your cook!

I’m thinking I’ll cook at 350 and allow myself 3 hrs + 1 hr of fluff. So gonna put on at 9 when lunch is scheduled for 1.


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Ok now I'm getting nervous.

Got a 20# bird, going to spatchcock to cook in 18.5" WSM. Sounds like 350F or so is the way to go. What cook time should I expect roughly? In Chicago, so ambient will be like 40F if we're lucky. Thanks!