First run with HM

Andy B in FL

New member
Finally decided to get one after iGrill taking years off my life with its failures. I'm really pleased with it. There was a slight learning curve, some forum searching for answers, but it wasn't difficult at all to setup. Had some issues with the servo which turned out to be a bad punchdown at the jack. Stranded wire can be difficult to punch down. A tip: put the servo wire in the groove, and then use a bit of solid ethernet wire on top if it to secure it. You could also do some soldering to some better wire for the punchdown.

Used the dog bowl method with a 1" conduit nipple and a muffin pan cup to help circulate some air.

Did a test run with it cooking baby backs with the 3-2-1 method. I ran a pit temperature of 220deg, and HM kept it +/-10deg. Again, really really pleased with the results of this first cook.