Feeler Genesis S-320 sidewinder - "some" assembly required



After completing my 3-burner Junior project in late 2020, I set about to refresh my S-320. I got everything disassembled and started painting the floor and lower frame parts that needed painting. I didn't finish before outdoor-painting season ended, so I stowed everything away in the garage until I could get back at it. The 3-burner Junior turned out to be a fantastic cooker, so there was no urgency to finish off the S-320. The S-320 pile became inaccessible as more stuff accumulated around it. Fast forward to Spring of 2023 and I've finally gotten a clear path to the pile . . . but I have more projects than time at the moment, so I figured I'd offer it up here as a feeler.

This was my first gas grill. Bought new in 2008.

The Really Good: Brand new lid and brand new cookbox. Brand new Onlyfire burner tubes and stainless flavorizer bars. Solid floor harvested from a donor E-320.

The Less-Good: It's a partially-finished project. Everything is in place to put it all back together as-is. In order to complete the refresh, the frame panels should be painted before reassembly. The other bits could use a thorough cleaning.

Here's a link to my thread from 2020: S-320 Re-Freshening

Asking $100 in it's current state. Prefer pickup in NJ (Cranford). I work in Berwyn, PA and have a cabin near East Stroudsburg, so I could potentially deliver to those areas as well.