Favorite beverage while grilling

Mike Hawkins

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Hey Kevin, I've read all of the questions and answers and have enjoyed each. Thank you for taking time from your week to provide us with the great information.

Grilling and a cold beverage always seems to go together in my backyard. My question is what is your favorite beverage while waiting for the coals to be just right?

Thanks again for your time.

Mike Hawkins

Kevin Kolman

Well it depends on what I am grilling, bbq'ing or smoking. I love a nice glass of bourbon when I am smoking and love a nice cold beer when grilling. Right now I have New Glarus (Spotted Cow) and Laganitas IPA on draft. I also enjoy Goose Island 312, Yuengling and Sam Adams Boston Lager but you cannot go wrong when you have an ice cold one and a Weber to stand around!

Thanks for the question

What about you?



hmmmm Glass of bourbon while smoking. That must be a big glass! Some of my smokes span 12 hours. lol

Mike Hawkins

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Sounds good to me Kevin, bourbon maybe a nice local beer or even a bit of wine. Really anything that compliments the meal being grilled that evening always works for me. I really enjoy the Weber Backyard Brew available at the Smokey Joe Bar at the Weber Restaurants. Not that it is readily available down here in "bourbon" country where I live but maybe we'll be able to find it someday.

Thanks again for your input this week, I've enjoyed your responses.