Easy Iced Coffee



TVWBB Olympian
I've come up with something simple but very good. I've been adding almond extract and others to my coffees for maybe 2 years or so..... this one's so good I thought I'd post it.

For the coffee, 7TBSP French Roast whole bean, San Fran brand or something from Costco (something dark), very fine grind (not quite espresso grind but close). This is for a little over 50oz.

Add 1 TBSP almond extract, 1.5 TBSP vanilla extract, 6-8TBSP honey, & then yesterday & today I've been using coffee mate (non dairy creamer), but I've been using almond milk before that. I mixed up everything other than the creamer in the coffee pot, pour a little out, then mix the creamer/almond milk (1 third if you use liquid), pour it over ice in a glass and enjoy. I've also been topping off the coffee pot with ice the first time, & replenish the ice in the glass as I've refilled. Put what you don't drink in the fridge and it's ready the next day. I drink it hot like this too, but I don't add the flavors when I do it hot because they seem to develop an off taste over time if I do.