Drummettes and White BBQ (Cypress Inn Style)


John Monk

TVWBB Member
Ok. For those of you that have never been to Tuscaloosa AL, there is a restaurant that serves White BBQ sauce, named the Cypress Inn. I've heard of the one in Huntsville, and I'm sure it is tasty but I grew up in Tuscavegas so I am partial to this one. Anyway, I had a family pack of drummettes and did them up on the WSM. Made the sauce the night before and it turned out great. So as an alternative to hot wings, for someone that wants to smoke the drummettes out the white bbq sauce seals the deal. I marinated them for a little while. The sauce calls for white pepper, I didn't have any but used black and it was fine.

2.25 cups mayo
Juice of half a lemon
.25 cup white vinegar
pepper to taste.

Seal up and refrigerate overnight.
John - I went to law school in Tusavegas and while I was there, often enjoyed the Cypress Inn. One of my friends was an asst manager there. Do you have the recipe for the white sauce? I love good white sauce - Big Bob Gibson's is OK, Miss Myra's in Birmingham is better, and there is a white sauce at Billy's Tavern in Mountain Brook that may be the best ever!