distance between grates


Tim C

TVWBB Super Fan
is there more room between the charcoal ring and the bottom of the water pan? ive never cooked anything to tall for the bottom grate but a little more room between cooking grates would be nice.
Which model?

The new water pan of the 18 is a bit closer. The 22 has plenty of room.

the distance between the cooking grates of the 18 remained the same and there is a bit more room, i forgot the number, on the 22.

Hope that helps,
i have the 22. my 18 was 6 months old but i had to have the 22.it just seems the water pan further from the fire on the new wsm.i guess im greedy. i want all the room between cooking grates i can get
hey.. theres a mod for you to try. get another set of grill straps and mount your water pan lower. tell us what you find.