Designing an adapter for damper, looking for advice on location on Char-Broil Kamander


Juho A

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:LOL: yea that was a happy accident. The only ethernet cable that I was willing to butcher was this yellow one, but then I thought it's too much yellow for my otherwise black setup. And then I recalled that I bought this black cabling sleeve for my racing simulator motion platform project and didnt end up using it for it.

Eventually all spare stuff in my garage does find a good use. ;)(y) (just need to make my wife a believer...)

Bryan Mayland

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Yeah you gotta hang on to that stuff, you never know when you're going to need it! I just dug in my bag of stuff that's supposed to have gone for electronics recycling 5 years ago and pulled out the original HeaterMeter 3.0 Linksys WRT54GL and liberated an inductor from it for some testing so see, it all is useful stuff not garbage.

Daniel Crawshay

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Stumbled across this thread as I am starting to get lined up to receive my shipment to NZ and start assembling my heater meter. I own the kamander grill also and really keen on your design here. Would you be willing to share the 3D model files? Thought I would ask before I started the process of modelling my own. Cheers.