Hey Mike,
I just got the e-mail from Tracy telling me about you being here...I guess she sent the e-mail before you dropped by yesterday..too funny. I'll let he know we actually had a chance to talk...small world. Hope you enjoyed the ribs..I think you may have been the only one. Take it easy. I'll be in touch with any Weber questions I might have.

Michael "BBQJEDI" Adamski
The ribs were great and thanks for the bloody mary. i think i'll see you at the next comp. for sure!

As i posted to the other thread, The Winter Burnoff here in Des Plaines, just NW of Chicago, was a great event with quite a few teams filling up the lot. Four categories of chicken, sausage, ribs and tenderloin. Thanks to all that shared a taste anecedotes, and pleasantries.

If you are an avid smoker (you must be if you are here), I suggest heading out to at least one or two local events. Just walk around and say hello. I cannot tell you how kind everyone is and it is often like you are one of their own . Not only does it support those events, but you will have a nice time talking about your hobby and sharing stories.

Thanks again,