Cool Score I made...

My girlfriend is a chef at local establishment. She told me about the tobasco rep coming to town to do a PK demonstration with some great history of the company to help drive sales. I was lucky enough to attend in the attempt to grab some free product. They actually had (unavailable for sale to the public) oak barrel chunks that have been used to age tobasco!!!! Now I know the arguement is out there whether wine oak barrels make any difference or not, but still its an exciting score none the least. I will be sure to follow up the results!!!
Haven't thought about it too much.... I will probably try something light so I can test to see if the flavor comes through. Probably chicken!
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That is a great score...Any idea yet to what you might try to use them with? </div></BLOCKQUOTE>

How about jerk chicken
That would be a deadly idea Dave.. but it may mask the tobasco flavor in the wood. Gotta do it st8 up first so I can see what the flavored wood will really do for flavor. Apparently the barrels are used for 20 years+ before they are retired so they should have soaked up alot of taste!!