Confused about hams

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Jay Cooke

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I appreciate your taking time to help, particularly us newbies.
I'd like to start smoking hams, but am confused as to where to start. Clearly a raw ham is more time consuming than one that is partially cooked. But are partially cooked/seasoned hams ok for the WSM?
What is your recomendation for a successful first foray into ham smoking?
Thanks in advance!

Jamie Purviance

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My advice is to start with a partially or fully cooked ham. Most of them come already smoked, in which case you probably shouldn't add any chips/chunks to the WSM. The goal is to slowly bring the internal temperature of the ham up to 135 to 140 degrees. It will take a few hours for a 8-10 pound ham to get that hot. So that it doesn't dry out, I recommend setting the ham in a foil pan with some water/juice and vinegar and brown sugar. You can baste the ham occasionally with that, and it should create a nice glaze on the surface. In "Weber's Charcoal Grilling" I have a recipe for Barbecued Ham with Sticky Orange Glaze that is cooked on a kettle grill, but you could adapt it for a WSM. Good luck with your hindquarter obsession :)
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