Citrus juicer

Wright Harris

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There's a chain of Mexican restaurants in the west called Cafe Rio. When I lived in California there was one just a couple miles from my house. Their food is quite good -- particularly the freshly made-in-the-restaurant tortillas -- but the thing that kept me coming back on a weekly basis was their mint limeade. They make it fresh in the restaurant each day using actual limes and real mint leaves. I absolutely love the stuff.

Now living a long way from the nearest Cafe Rio I've had to resort to my own devices as far as mint limeade. I've got mint planted in the back yard (in a container so it doesn't take over the whole yard) and get five pound bags of limes from Costco. I've also found a recipe that, if not exactly like the Cafe Rio drink, is very good.

Making enough of this to make it worth the bother requires squeezing a lot of limes. Given the price of the things, I want to get every last drop I can from them. I have a citrus juicer I got at the megamart. It's sturdy, which has been the problem with most of the others I've tried, but I think it's designed more for lemons than limes and doesn't allow squeezing enough to extract all the juice. So I'm looking for a new juicer. I don't do this enough to justify spending a ton of money on a fancy electric model. I'd like to find a different hand operated model that is sturdy enough that I won't break it in normal use (I've broken several), will extract virtually ever last drop of juice, and will fit comfortably in a kitchen drawer.

Does anyone have specific model recommendations? I looked at the ATK recommended one but wasn't sure that was really the way to go. It looked as though they didn't really review all that many different models so I can't help feeling there might be something even better out there.
My citrus juicer is this, not only a juicer, but also an egg yolk separator and a grater for garlic, potatoes and ginger. It also comes with a measuring container, which has more functions than other common manual juicers. Here is a citrus juicer recommendation.