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Barry McCorkle

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Anybody ever bbq chuck roasts or any other beef roasts? My attempts at chuck and a bottom round roast were not very good as they resulted in tough meat. I ended up foiling both of them and left them on the cooker overnight to get them tender enough to eat. Doing it this way, I ended up with beef roasts that pulled like pork. Hated to do them that way, but it did put meat on the table.

I would like to try another chuck or a bottom round (or whatever cheap cut that I can find at the grocery store), so I need some advice. One stipulation, however, the wife likes her beef cooked well done with no pink except the smoke ring. Maybe this is some of the problem?


S.C. Que
Those cuts are to low in fat to try to cook
as you would do a brisket, say.
We do a sirloin roast that run about 10 to 12
pounds. We mop them every half hour or so, but to do much beyond med rare will cause
the roast to toughen up.
If I were you I'd marinate the roast and grill at a med heat and still cook to med at most.
I do have a marinade that I can post later.
Good afternoon Barry:
Our Piggly Wiggly runs 2 for 1 sales all the time on chuck roasts as well as London broils and with the good prices, I always stock up . My experience with the broils (as well as with other more expensive cuts of lean beef) is that no matter how meticulously I marinate and smoke them, the results are always similar to yours! The chuck roast, however, has been another story. My wife is a Mexican food fanatic and as such I have economically tended very well to her desires by marinating chuck roast in Paul Kirk's basic marinade, smoking the roast over mesquite wood following the Minion Method for four hours or less (depending on the size of the roast) checking a little more than usual on the internal meat temp (as I would for say for a Boston butt, etc) before slicing it up into fajitas strips. I get rave reviews from my critics (children) and am still happily married so that probably says something about the process! Hope this helps.
?Your 'Down South' Neighbor?..John
Jim: I assume Med heat is about 350*F and I'll try the marinade when you post it.

John: I am a lowcountry man myself, having grown up in S'ville. Sister lived in Mt. Pleasant for years (her kids went to Wando) and has just recently moved to James Island (go figure). Also my wife has just recently become a mexican food afficianado and my kids love to make their own fajitas so that sounds like a good option as well. What internal temp on the meat when you pull it off the cooker?

S.C. Que
'Morning Barry:
Is SC a small state or what! My wife is from James Island and my step-son attends Wando! Anyway, back to smoking?..I start getting antsy about pulling the roast off the smoker when the internal temp approaches 145-155. I consider a medium roast temp to be 160+ so if I'm doing fajitas, I try and remove the beef just before. My kids are also a little skittish about red meat but after the strips are rolled around the skillet no one can really tell the official temp status anyway! If you're down in the Lowcountry, look us up and we'll have a beverage or two.
Here is marinade
Marsha's Beef Marinade
1/2 cup salad oil, not olive oil
1/4 cup soy sauce
2 tablespoons catsup
1 tablespoon vinegar
1/2 teaspoon pepper
2 cloves garlic, crushed
Marinate for 48 hours turn a couple of times a day.