Chuck roast and beef belly.



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Cooked and shredded a chuck roast, salt pepper along with some cow cover hot. Served with Brussels sprouts over polenta. Then did a beef belly with slap yo daddy beef rub. Both smoked with post oak and pecan. Beef belly was interesting. Had to trim some fat out and then I cubed and sauced it. Will reheat on my work Weber tomorrow and serve it to the seagulls. Fun cooker overall. Dang it's not pleasant outside! IMG20220807141438.jpg IMG20220807142157.jpg IMG20220807192425.jpg IMG20220807205211.jpg IMG20220807205350.jpg

RichPB (richlife)

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Great looking -- wish I could indulge. Wonderful idea to plate over polenta! I'll be trying that one. One of the things I love about TVWB and our contributors. No one person can think of everything even if it seems simple and obvious. But when you see it the bells go off!