Chicken Jello

Karl Repsher

This tip was given to me by my good friend Chef JimmyJ.

We cook a lot of chicken for a neighbor who's house burned down a couple of months ago to help him feed his workers on Saturday, since we're cooking 30# of chicken legs and thighs we cook them in the oven at 450° in about 40-45 minutes, we cook them in cookie sheets so after removing the chicken there is a lot of liquid left in them, we take the liquid and pour it into a bowl, cover with Saranwrap and place in the fridge, the next day the grease and oil has congealed on top and underneath that is chicken jello, carefully remove the congealed grease and oil and throw away, what left is pure flavor, we add it to anything we are cooking with water added to it to enhance it.

Thanks Jimmy J,


Bill Elwell

I do the same thing with my pork butt juices. After taking the fat off the top I reheat it and filter through a nylon net to get out any other solids. It's really nice in Ham, Bean & Potato soup.