Checking In: Combustion Inc


Phillip P

Hey All,

It has been quite a while. The pandemic got me good with a bunch of long-hauling health issues that sucked my interest in my favorite hobby.

I have personally built 6 heatermeters and bought a couple more pre-builts as I was giving them away as gifts.

My favorite projects were learning the process, the tuning, the air-burners, the tuning, the dampers, the tuning, the roto-dampers, tuning, micro-dampers, the tuning, and all that it entailed.

I also seemed to get a small batch of sketchy pre-built builds from Bryan that frustrated me to the point of buying a Fireboard 2 Drive and trying it out. It is good but a pale comparison to Heatermeter and the community that surrounds it.

Trying to get back to it and I noticed that Combustion Inc's thermos were now on the market. Bryan had tried to get Meater into the Heatermeater fold in the earlier days and that was less of a disappointment than Meater itself has turned out to be.

Checking in on the forum for the first time in quite a while, it seems Bryan has been otherwise occupied, so I was wondering if anyone else has made any progress with Combustion and it's APIs. There is a sale on for 20% off that I was thinking of pulling a trigger on but I already have enough probes and more than enough heartache.

Hope all is well with you folks.

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I finally got my hands on a pair of Combustion Inc thermometers and a display last week after a 6 week wait. I've done a couple of cooks with them, and so far they are incredibly good for a young product. I hadn't found any of the probes that have come out over the years particularly compelling, and had been getting by with wired probes and a Thermapen, but this one just seemed too interesting to pass up.

One of my first thoughts was how excellent it would be if they could be integrated with the HeaterMeter somehow. If you read up on how they work over at, it appears they're just spraying temperature info out into the world via low-energy Bluetooth. No security or anything. The formatting of the data is all readily available...we just need a way for our HeaterMeters to receive it.