Can we scale the output the damper like we can with fan

Gary V

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Is there a way to scale the output opening and closing like we can with the fan. Example would be with my Adapt-a-Damper. At 100% output I would like the damper to open 50%. I can do that by adjusting the servo pulse duration, but would be nice to just have those fixed at full range motion and then be able to limit how much damper is open. If the "fully open" range was, for example, set at 200%, that would work. But I not sure if that limit increase would work in the control algorithm. If it can that would be great. The reason I am bringing this up is that I currently use 2 dampers. This one and a Tom Cole ver. 2 damper. The Tom Cole damper is used for things like a rack of ribs or spatchcock chicken and when I have a larger piece in the Primo Jr I will switch to an adapt-A-Damper. The Tom Cole damper is sized with fan and damper opening that really matches nicely to manual control of my grill. It`s size does limit it when I roast a large turkey. That`s where the Adapt-A-Damper really shines. If I am able to scale the output, I might just be able to use one damper and create recipes to edit when I cook different pieces on the grill. Hope this makes sense.

Bryan Mayland

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Yeah I've considered this when I was designing the servo system, and I figured that if someone didn't want their damper to open all the way, they could just edit the pulse duration to scale it. Adding another configuration parameter makes it more confusing and takes more code.

You're right that the advantage to having a second parameter means you don't have to remember what the high pulse duration is for 100% and the high pulse duration is for whatever % you want it the rest of the time. But at the same time, you're going to have to remember what your non-100% low rate (your proposed new parameter) is. Only having the high and low pulse duration means you don't have to remember what your non-100% low rate (new parameter doesn't exist) is, but you do have to remember two pulse durations. I feel like the choice is kinda a wash, with the first being the least effort but the second being the least complex. If you have a hard time remembering what the two pulse lengths are, you can just leave yourself a little note like this in the alarm scripts! :-D