Butt Jelly...


Bill Elwell

Made you look! :)

With all the great information I've received here (so far), I thought it was my time to contribute something I do that I think hasn't been submitted before. I may be wrong, but I'm married and used to being told so.

Collectively, our smoking/grilling processes are the result of watching the pro's on TV, reading (such as this forum and books), friends recommendations, and for some, watching the phases of the moon.

First off, I must admit...I foil. I do this mainly because I'm not a fan of hard bark, and I like the results.

When I foil my butts I drizzle honey and brown sugar on top. After sealing the top and one end I pour 1/4 C AJ into the "boat" and seal that end too.
(As seen on TV...).

After the smoke I pour these drippings into a pan and it goes into the freezer to coagulate the fat on top. The fat gets scraped off and the jelly gets reheated.

After it's heated (I usually take it to a boil), I filter it through cheesecloth. I repeat the process 3 times.

The result is a very clear liquid that looks a lot like tea and turns to jelly in the fridge. I add 2 cups of this to the pulled pork of 2 butts and toss to cover. It keeps the pork very moist. It also transfers well when bagging for the freezer.

It can also be boiled and reduced and a bit of BBQ sauce added for a baste.

If you're like me, when I re-heat a bowl of pp for lunch I'll toss in a teaspoon of butt jelly to add more flavor.

IMO, "butt jelly" is one of the benefits of foiling.
Yes, you did make me look. Butt jelly, or other coagulated meat drippings convey tons of flavor. A big part of the flavor is what some call umami. I just call it good.