Burning Burgers


Alexander S

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Hello Jamie,
thank you for taking the time to answer questions here.

In the German edition of "Weber's Way To Grill", it says to grill burgers at direct strong heat (230-290°C), up to 10 minutes and turning them only once.

When I do that, they burn.

The lid thermometer told me the grill was at 500°F, circa 260°C.

I suspect that the briquettes where to close to the grate. What distance do you recommend?

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Jamie Purviance

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You can gril burgers over high or medium heat. I tend to use high heat because the burgers are less likely to stick that way and I appreciate a good char on my meat. But if your burgers are burning (maybe because of a lot of fat flaring up?), lower the heat to medium, which is about 200C. Whatever the temperature, the distance between the food and fire should be 13-15 cm.

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