Building a Heatermeter? It's childsplay!


Peter F

When I build heatermeters I usually get help from my 15yo son Quinn. He picks and places the components while I solder the parts to the PCBs. When we work together we can do almost 2 HM boards per hour, so this really speeds up the work.

Because I needed a new HM for myself and because Quinn is getting quite handy with a soldering iron himself we made an agreement that he would build the last HM of the previous batch for me. So the last two days he has been very busy building my new heatermeter.

First resistors done....

Utmost concentration while soldering.


Double check the polarity.

The display was the hardest part to get right.

First test, fingers crossed.............Succes! :D

A new heatermeter for a very proud father :D

Steve L

New member
I think that my wife would be very upset if I sell him.

Or do you mean the heatermeter? I occasionally make and sell batches of heatermeters, so far I have sold approx 50 of them.

Lol, yes, the HeaterMeter. Not in the market for anymore kids.

Bryan Mayland

TVWBB Hall of Fame
Looks great, Quinn! My dad taught me the ins and outs of soldering when I was a kid too, which is one of the reasons I started this project. It has always been something I wanted to do more of. Maybe your son will design the next great HeaterMeter (that uses laser or something to BBQ).