Build Issues


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I have finished putting together the heatermeter v4.3. I have everything soldered. I can boot up my raspberry pi and I see the web application. When I try to flash the firmware, I get the following error:

Downloading ''
Connecting to
Writing to '/tmp/hm.hex'

/tmp/hm.hex 100% |*******************************| 68483 0:00:00 ETA
Download completed (68483 bytes)
Stopping LinkMeter OK

LinkMeter platform is BCM2708
Loading SPI modules...

Starting LinkMeter OK

How do I trouibleshoot this issue?

I've checked voltages for the ATMega for 3.3v at VCC, AVC, ARE, and RST. I am not getting 3.3v, I am getting 1.4v for VCC, AVC, and RST. For ARE, I am getting 0v. I am seeing 12v at the point labeled 12v on the 3 pin regulator.