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I was just given a whole packer left over from the recent KCBS event here in Lexington, N.C. and in reading your directions in the new book, i noticed it says you should prepare it on the 22.5 WSM.
Is there any particular reasoning for this, or is this piece of beef just going to be to big for my 18.5? We love Weber s Big Book of Grilling and just have started with your new Weber's Smoke. Thanks For your recipes and time.

r benash

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A full packer can be a little long at the start on the 18.5. Meaning that it will need to be tucked in. You can do this by putting something like a heat proof bowl or other object in the center, laying the packer on top. This will rasie the middle height and "pull" the outer edges in from the sides.

You will get a good bit of shrinkage as the brisket cooks, about 30%. After that it will fit just fine.

You can fold over egdes for that period also and/or cover the tips with HD foil until things shrink down. Often instead of the bowl method you can just pull up on the center and cover the ends and that works just as well.

That's probably why the larger WSM is mentioned. Understand though that before the larger WSM folks were cooking full packers on the 18.5 standard WSM for years and years :)

Jamie Purviance

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JTodd, it's just an issue of size. Ray is right on. A whole packer is just too long for an 18" WSM, at least initially.

Thanks for responding, Ray. I gotta try that technique of using a heat-proof bowl.