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Alan F

Hi Dave, will you share your brisket process with us?

Also, what's your favorite way to do sausage?
You really want me to spill the beans and expect that I can share all this in an email??? OK here goes... If I can smoke a brisket over direct smoldering hardwood coals usually oak with brisket then that is best. You need at least 3 feet between heat source and meat. I will trim the briskets to about little more then 1/4 inch of fat. Next, I rub the briskets with mustard as this acts like glue to hold the seasonings on. I like to rub brown sugar on first. Then I have a very robust seasoning. With about 3 different size grades of fresh ground black pepper. The largest grains almost as big as "cracked" black pepper I put on last. Then I cover this with a coating of Turbinado Sugar which makes for a great bark... it doesn't melt like brown sugar and that's why this is important for making bark. Sometimes I will inject with a beefy marinade using apple juice to help smooth it out. But don't ever use Campbell's Beef Consomme... you don't want your beef to taste like "beefy soup" are better using a good quality beef au jus and smacking that up with hot sauce with a little apple juice. No one in my family has a problem with Accent so I will use MSG at times. I will always ask someone Do you like Ranch Dressing? if they do then using MSG is alright as Ranch Dressing is loaded with MSG. There is 10X more MSG in mother's milk than their is cow's milk. If I inject a brisket then I will start out smoking with the fat side down so the injection won't run out. I will smoke my briskets for about 16 hours between 180 and 200 degrees. I always put a pan under my brisket with about 1 inch of water so my brisket drippings won't dry out. About half way through my smoking I will turn the brisket over so it is now fat side up and then I reseason with turbinado sugar. I never have to foil my briskets. They are tender and juicy with a very tasty bark. Unfortunately I can't do this in my restaurants...what I just shared with you is what I do for my family and friends.

For Sausage I like to source my sausage from Texas there are two great brands Mikeska Texas Sausage and Ponder Sausage. I love hot links that I will smoke for two hours at 175 and then I put a quick char on them over a really hot bed of coals on one of my Webers. Then I'll put this smokey charred sausage on a biscuit with a spicy sugary coleslaw made with finely julienned seranno peppers.

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Blessings... "Famous Dave"
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