Bored with Meatloaf ?


Jim C

Bored with Meatloaf?
Try these ideas with your basic recipe for a more ethnic flare. From CDkitchen.

CARIBBEAN: Adddiced salt pork and green onions. Also, try ginger, green pepper and curry powder.

CHINESE: Add rice, water chestnuts and sweet-and-sour sauce. Or soy sauce, green onions and ginger.

FRENCH: Mix in mushrooms, red wine and pepper. Also, try white wine, Dijon mustard and parsley.

GREEK: Add ground lamb and feta cheese.

INDIAN: Add curry powder and crushed garbanzo beans. Or mix in cubed potatoes, yogurt and mustard seeds.

ITALIAN: Add oregano, marjoram and Parmesan cheese. Or mix in cooked spinach, nutmeg and garlic. Also try, fennel seeds and chopped Italian sausage.

MEXICAN: Add fresh cilantro and green chilies. Or add white cheese, chili powder and cumin.

POLISH: Add bacon drippings, dill pickles and hard-boiled eggs. Or add horseradish and sour cream.

PURETO RICAN: Add sliced green olives, ham and raisins. Or mix in onions, garlic and chopped green bell pepper. Also try , chorizo sausage and tomato sauce.

THAI: Mix in peanuts and hot red peppers. Also, try coconut milk and grated lime zest.

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