BGE Stoker Blower-how to mount?

Dirk M

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I bought a Stoker from Rock's a while back ( about a year?) -- all part of the initial excitement of becoming an EggHead.

Well, today I was working on a stand / cabinet for the Egg and decided to test fit the blower and check for clearances. I feel stupid since I could not figure out how to attach the blower to the air gate on the Egg. Any pictures or a short note describing how to install would be appreciated! I checked the included manual and website and could not find anything....

Thanks for your help!

RobM (YankeeRob)

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The best way to do it is to get a GURU BGE adapter. That's right - I know you have a stoker but get a GURU adapter. From there just go to the hardware store and get a copper 1 1/4 inch coupler. The adapter is here:

This thread has some pics of a stoker using a Guru mount on a WSM. It's the same idea. I'd take some pics of the same thing on my BGE but my Stoker is packed in the trailer. Here's the thread:


A. Vale

Sounds like you may not have the adapter you need. Can you post pictures of what you are building? Btw, Rock has universal adapter for some smokers so I would investigate what Rob is recommending.

Richard K

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I have both (BGE and Stoker), and if you purchased the proper adapter with the stoker, it simply clips into the draft door track, and close the door onto the sloped end. Works like a champ.

I am pretty sure the stoker fan has a square or rectangular opening, so I can't see how the BBQ Guru adapter could work.

Web Dove

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My current rotodamper looks like this. It has a 1.25” conduit tube on the plate and a graphite round to rectangular adapter for low heat transfer. For the 15cm version of the adapt-a-damper it appears that I will need a 1” round conduit fitting with extra fiberglass tape since the guru adapter is only 30mm. (I am trying to avoid $25 for the adapter :)