Beijing Roast Duck


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Beijing Roast Duck

A few side notes not included in the recipe: Beijing Duck is specially raised. sort of Like Kobe beef, or french duck for fouigrax. Here in the US, it might be tough to find and you will just deal with what you can find. The red color I look for could be food coloring, or an entirely different recipe. This was just a first step in my research. BTW, I have no idea how to translate the quantity "1 dish".

I'm looking for one of those bright red ducks that hang in the window in chinatown. I think that this is sort of close. Given the emphasis on time and temp, it sounds like BBQ to me.

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2250kg dressed Beijing duck (3-4 lbs?)
10g malt sugar (maltose)
1 dish sweetened soy-bean paste
1 dish Beijing chive sections
lotus leafcakes and hollow sesame seeds buns


Select a Beijing Duck crammed with whole skin. Pump in air through the opening cut at the windpipe so as to plump up the duck and disjoin from meat.

Cut open the belly and draw, and then insert a 2 inch- long piece of wood to support the chest bone and to stretch the skin. Hook the duck by the neck, spread diluted maltose over it. Hang the duck in an airy place to dry.

The stuffed duck is hung in the roaster and kettles of hot water are placed in front to fill out the duck.Proper timing and temperature are important and the duck is turned often enough to roast them completely and evenly.Roasting rods may be used if needed.

Roast until golden brown. The removed duck looks as though it were lacquered.

Lotus leafcakes, hollow sesame seeds buns and seasonings are arranged on the table before serving.


update: oops, I really meant goose for the french bit.
<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR> 2250kg dressed Beijing duck <HR></BLOCKQUOTE> in g (not kg) would be a 5 lb duck

in kg it would be a 5000lb duck, funny typo
You know they shine those red heat lamps on 'em (same ones they put on roast beef at carving stations that makes the meat look SOOOO GOOOOOOOD).

They're not really red when you eat 'em.

Seems to me Raichlen had a good recipe for Peking duck (how retro of me!). I've had good luck with a beer can duck (use a tall boy) tho I've only done the duck l'orange. Next time, it's 5 spice powder all the way, baby!
In "The BBQ Bible", Raichlen published a recipe for Peking Duck that looks mighty tasty. It's interesting that he suggests slicing and piercing the skin instead of inflating the skin away from the meat.

The scallion crepes sound really good as well.

I won't be able to try it this weekend as I'll be on the road. But I'm going to plan on giving it a go the following week.

His tip to let the duck stand, uncovered, in the refrigerator overnight to dry out the skin might be worth a on chicken or turkey as well.
Yeah, I was gonna mention that 'stand in the fridge uncovered' thing. It really does seem to help dry it out nicely.

I love peking duck (I even had a pet peking duck, Mr. Duck---they're the white ducks you see floating on ponds). My friend had one too and her Asian neighbors were always BEGGING for him, supposedly to "eat the bugs out of the garden." I warned her don't you dare...!
No duck this weekend. It will have to wait. I couldn't find one in the places I went to shop. I'll be doing a turkey instead.