Beer at Comps

I have not be to a lot of comps, but I think it is not so much "allowed" as tolerated at most comps. I think that most of the time they turn the other way if the competitors want to have a couple so long as they are somewhat discrete about it.
Our regional doesn't allow beer for the amateurs since it's just a 10hr event. But the pro's can have it as long as it's kept on their site.
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Ok, so my question is if beer is allowed at pretty much all Comps or if it is a case by case basis? </div></BLOCKQUOTE>

This is something that is pretty much left up to the organizer in any contest we've ever cooked. The KCBS has no policy against alcohol at competitions other than you can be disqualified for excessive use of alcohol. I'm guessing other infractions (like obnoxious behavior) would have to play in before the KCBS would get involved.

Of all the contests we've cooked there has only been one (held in the parking lot of a church) where alcohol was forbidden. We drink beer (and usually have a little nip of Bourbon just before hitting the rack) at every (other) competion we've never had a problem. Right off the top of my head though here are a couple of "Do's and Don'ts that I would suggest you follow:

Don't take beer in bottles to a competition (common sense)
Don't be a flagrant drinker...12 "empties" sitting around your site will bring attention you don't want.
Don't take beer into another competitors area unless invited...Some teams are family/faith oriented and just don't want it around.
Do drink like an adult, not like a kid in a frathouse. Excessive alcohol use is frowned on, even by (other) teams who drink.
In this neck of the woods, red plastic cups are used by those who wish the stronger brew. Even at events in parks where it is not permitted, out of site, out of mind.

I agree with everything that Steve said. Common sense is usually the way to go.

Usually glass bottles are banned. If you have them, pour them in a cup and dispose of the glass. Also, bring koozies as we have been required to use them on cans. At our last comp all alcoholic beverages HAD to be in a plastic cups, no bottles or cans allowed.

Also, they state you are not allowed to share alcohol with the general public. Friends and family have never been an issue.
So far beer has been allowed at every comp I've been to. Most will want it in a coozy and almost all have said that beer cannot be shared/sold with/to the public.

I will agree that moderation is the key. Having one or two after the knives are washed and put away is fine. I will have my one Jack/Coke in the evening after the meat is on and there's no other work to be done.

I also agree that seeing/hearing the teams that stay up all night power drinking is really not cool. I would think that having a team do the party drunk thing will result in the organizer banning alcohol completely the next year.

I wouldn't bring cases and cases. Oh, wait, "case by case", my bad.

At Memphis in May competition, they not only allowed beer, they sold it by the keg. The only rule was no bottles and no giving any out to the public.
Contests that don't allow alcohol in any form are relatively rare but they do exist, particularly down in the Souf. The prohibition may be due to the location of the venue, such as a city park, where local ordinances are in effect.

Then there are also contests like The Jack, which are held in dry counties. In Lynchburg, for example, the fine for having an open can or bottle of beer is $250 and the possibility of getting a tour of the Moore County Jail from an insider's point of view.

Even at contests where drinking is ostensibly not allowed, you'll see a lot of red cups for beer and liquor and the law will let it slide, as long as nobody gets out of hand.

Of course, there's always the chance of running across Barney with a bad case of badge poisoning who's on a mission to clean up the town but that could happen anywhere under any circumstance.

The answer to this is the same as with most other things in life: act like a responsible adult and you'll get along just fine.

I cooked at 1 event that told everyone the day of arrival that booze was not permitted. We took reserve "go figure" and the comp died the next year because of the ban. Other then that, i am with Dave from Denver on this subject.
The Ga. Fl. Tailgate BBQ Cookoff is held in downtown Jesup Ga. and all alcoholic beverages have to be in a cup. But nobody cares how big your cup is...heh
Oops. Guess I goofed up last year in Jesup. Shh.. Don't tell the cops.

Actually, Jesup was a really cool competition. We had a good time and everybody was very friendly. It's on my list to go again this year. Especially since it's a Triple Crown Qualifier.

As many noted, red plastic cups hide a multitude of sins. As most others noted, drink like the booze is not your main purpose for being there.

I've never been to an event where alcohol was explicitly forbidden but I've never been to middle America.