Beef Chuck Roast


Mark Etheridge

TVWBB Super Fan
I was thinking of doing a Beef Chuck Roast this weekend.

In doing a search, I found a number of different finish temps and I'm confused as to what my final temp should be. I was thinking around 160 for slicable. I like my cow well-done but I could probably handle Med-Well...but no lower!!

Should I run the WSM at 225 or 325? Smoke wood? Do I need to mop? Any 'must try' recipes?

Ken Nelson

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I use the same simple rub (salt, pepper, garlic and chile powders) on chuck roast as I do on brisket and cook it similarly with hickory or pecan. Like a pork shoulder, chuck has a lot of interstitial fat and connective tissue that needs to break down during a long cook and 225 is preferable to 325 to accomplishing that.

The meat should be sliceable around 160 if that’s your preference. I like it to be more pullable (not a real word according to MS Office, BTW) and take mine up to at least 180-ish.

Mop if you feel you must. (That’s another philosophical choice I won’t try to sway anybody from.) Sauce as you see fit. Something with a bit of horseradish sharpness is a good fit for this cut of beef. Enjoy.

Kevin Taylor

TVWBB All-Star
Hi Mark!

If it is the kinf of chuck I buy, it is pretty fatty and thus I cook exactly as a pork butt....low and slow to a temp over 190?. Dryness has never been an issue with this cut, again, similar to a pork butt.

You can mop, use foil or whatever.

Here is how I prepared the last one I did.....

Slather with A1, Worcest or your favorite steak sauce(I use Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce), then apply your rub...any rub you like for beef is fine.....and finally, slather on fresh mashed-up horseradish. Wrap over night or for several hours.

Cook it from there..low and slow.

Good Luck and be sure to report back.