BBQ Comp in San Diego County


Bill W San Diego

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On October 13 from 9:00AM to 500PM the 3rd annual Car Show & BBQ Festival in Santee (San Diego County) will have it's first KCBS sanction BBQ comp. There will be 25 teams competing. If you would like more info call the Chamber at 619-449-6572. Hope to see some of you there.

Bill :cool:
Hi Bill,

Thanks for the reminder. Some heavy hitters will be cooking. Big Poppa Smokers, who just took Grand Champion at the American Royal Invitational, will be there. Burnin and Lootin, who took Grand Champion at Dana Point (a large 100 team contest!), will also be there as well as the Ridge Route Boys who took Reserve Grand Champion at Dana Point.

Ok, I have a question for you guys who were there and did some tasting: which bbq team did you think made the best ___ ?
My wife and I have a new favorite - Brazen BBQ. We had brisket, pulled pork, ribs and wings. We thought they were great!

Is the Hillcrest area your new go to place ??? At Dana Point, Brazen scored a perfect 180 in pork !
Congratulations to the Ridge Route Boys with their GC and to Brazen with their RGC !
At work, my boss and I are looking for a 'go to' bbq place. We've hit a few, but have not been to brazen yet. Based on what I tasted yesterday at the Santee Comp, I am definitely going to visit their restaurant. If their restaurant brisket/ribs/chicken/pork is as good as their comp stuff, I think we have a winner!