Battling Glucose Type II


Steve Petrone

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Sorry for my delayed answer, I have been traveling.

A few years back, I saw my doctors partner for a followup visit for a G.I. bug contracted overseas. He said I was diabetic. That was a shock to me. In an offhand remark, half under his breath, he said I could end the problem if I lost 50 lbs.

So I lost weight and went from 270+ to 212. A1c dropped to 5.5. Zero meds.

How did I do It? I had two or three appointments with a very patient ( I had a lot of questions) dedicated and qualified nutritionist. The obvious answer was a low carb diet. It took months. So now years later I still struggle with sweets that I crave but NO MEDS and no diabetes.

To me, Type II Diabetes is the prototypical lifestyle disease. YOU control this disease. Well maybe not everybody but I bet 95% of us can control this .

Our medical system is built to treat symptoms with drugs...stop that madness, good nutrition will treat and reverse many of the chronic western diseases, type II diabetes is treatable without drugs.

P.S. I am not a physician and not giving specific medical advice...please consult with appropriate medical care


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Yeah my own dr told me same thing. If I lose 1/3rd a person I would be off meds completely. Easier said than done at my age