Arizona > Phoenix: Pork on a Fork


Adam Caiati

New member
Heard a lot of good news about this place, 4 to 5 stars on reviews, voted one of the best in Phoenix New Times 2013, yada yada yada.
Lets just say my first experience will be my last experience. I posted a picture to show how we had to eat our dinner tonight. The entire place was covered in flies, the meat was cold and dry. Maybe it was just a bad night for them but doesn't seem like its a place i will be returning to.


Mike Willis

TVWBB All-Star
Followed your link to their home page Adam. They sound pretty full of themselves. Guess their food doesn't speak for itself from your experience. Thanks for the review!

James Lake

TVWBB Emerald Member
Seriously???? I would have walked out and requested....not demanded, but requested my money back.