Any interest in buying a WiFi Stoker Kit?


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I've got a WiFi Stoker Kit with an 18" WSM Adapter, 8ft probe upgrade, 8ft blower extension, 8ft food probe. Anyone have any interest? I haven't used it much and I don't see me starting to use it much with my SmokeFire preorder.

J Grotz

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I don't know how Chris feels about cross posting, but you may want to start a thread in the Automatic Temperature Control Systems forum with a link to this thread. This forum is a big umbrella for many insular communities and it's surprising how many people just stick to one forum without regularly checking out the entire site.

Also, in that forum there's a thread about repairing Stoker probes. I learned from that thread that there are quite a few Stoker users in the Big Green Egg (BGE) community. You may want to follow the link in that thread, and post your Stoker for sale over there.

I'm just going to keep using my Stoker until it dies. Having seen the condition of Harry Soo's Stoker this summer, I don't think that will be any time soon.


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I have some interest. Do you have some details on the unit and or pictures of it? As well as cost.