Another Nice Gadget I Found

One of them shows dimensions. But, they don't match. I will post the photos and dimensions of mine. The first 3 are of the larger primary (conical) one.


The next photos are of the smaller one in the handle which is cyclindrical in shape

I got my Kenmore vac today and am very happy with it so far. A main feature that ai wanted was the long crevice tool for easy reach on the hand held. Of course that part was missing. Called the service number and after a 7 minute hold, got a US rep that is sending it to me. +1 for customer service.
Seems like a nice find. We just bought a Shark for a couple hundred, but not my favorite. Noisy and really doesn't have great suction even on high battery mode. I might buy one of these just to please the dogs (don't like the noise) -- and maybe me too.
So Rich et al I used it again today. My basement stairs have been a challenge as long as we've lived here. I really want the light color berber carpeting ripped off and hard floor on them, but not in the cards. Staircase is narrow and hard to work in. Wife asked grandson to go after them with my small shop vac.. MEH. I should have taken a picture of all the garbage this thing pulled outta the carpet. Just about filled the dust bin and nearly clogged the stainless steel pre-filter! I had no idea so much had accumulated.
I sure hope someone comes through for me on a link to those filters. I scoured the internet for close to an hour trying to find them. Trouble is they're likely some kind of generic thing and since it looks like maybe 1 or 2 companies over there in China make these things with just slightly different specs and features for whoever wants to sell it, I was unable to find them.
I did however find a good Amazon link to the battery but under a different brand name. Same battery though. $43. So part of my battle is done. Honestly really want to hang on to the thing. I am amazed that this little battery powered tool can do this. But then I guess I shouldn't be as I have nearly converted all my tools to battery (impact wrenches 1/2" and 3/8") screw drivers, impact drivers, and so on.
I rarely use my air compressors except to blow stuff clean
I would not worry too much about the battery if it is lithium. I bought a lithium rechargeable Dustbuster in 2006 and it still runs and holds a charge like new and we use it virtually every day. If my new vac lasts as long, I will call it good and buy a new vac. Hell, I will probably not last that long...
"If these work I'll shoot you my delivery address for your Wolf grill :)" LOL

Wow, how did you get so far with them? I went through every venue I could find. In my reaching out last evening one thing I did note. In the text of what they sent me I noticed the TAGIC person noted VOWEEK as well. And then I found this company VOWEEK has an actual web site and actual customer service. I also noted they were the exact same machine with just slightly different color.
So I almost had thought perhaps of sending the TAGIC back and buying the VOWEEK simply so if something goes awry there is an actual company behind it.
But bottom line so glad you got through and found this all out
So in resonse to my email asking same question I got this

Hepa suggests replacing it every two months.
If you need it, we can provide a compatible Hepa link for you to purchase.
Best Regards!

TAGIC Customer Service

So then, I responded to the email immediately with yes please send the links. A full 24 hrs later I get this

I'm really sorry for this situation.
If your order is less than 30 days old, I recommend that you operate the exchange directly on the Amazon order page.
Our products have been fully managed by FBA, and they will send you new products as soon as possible.
You can also find online customer service to consult detailed operation steps
Best Regards!

TAGIC Customer Service

I gotta wonder just what they're smoking LOL
Sounds like their customer service motto should be "If you bought it from us-you bought it"
Usually they have a foam and felt pre filter that gets washed out and the hepa gets replaced every year or so.
Funny how much filters cost. I bought a room air purifier for under $100 but the filters are about $25. It all seems disproportionate.
Talk about great customer service. Got my Kenmore vac yesterday and called about the missing part. Got an email from UPS today stating that it will be delivered tomorrow from Garner Dixie Servantage. Never heard of them, so googled.
Looks like they serve parts for about everyone.
Funny how much filters cost. I bought a room air purifier for under $100 but the filters are about $25. It all seems disproportionate.
Yeah, don't I know it. The Aprilaire filters I buy for my HVAC system cost $75 ea. Though they last about 6 months still a lot of $$$$