Alabama > Homewood: Saw's BBQ


Pat Smith

TVWBB Wizard
I drive past this place on my way to work every day, but didn't realize it had changed hands until Danny Gaulden said something about it on another list. I stopped in and I was sold!

In Birmingham (Homewood, actually, just off I-65, about 4 miles south of the I-20, I-65 interchange), is Saw's BBQ. A hole in the wall run by a young guy who used to be a chef in the Southern Living test kitchens and has been running this place for about a year now. It is as good commercial BBQ as you can get. The owner cooks fresh every day and when it's gone, its gone!

1008 Oxmoor Road
Homewood, AL 35209


Ernie D

The smartest thing any restaurant owner can do is.......... "when its gone, it's gone"

It builds up hype, and minimizes waste. I love it!