A Butt Rub (for Jane)


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I made a double batch of this last weekend and dumped it all over some baby backs and beer can chicken with excellent results. Only problem is I still have a ton of rub left over... well, not really a problem, but I'm still not very good at estimating how much I'll need after reading a recipe.
Anyhow, I've got an 18# chuck roll ready to go for Friday and I'm wondering if you think the rub would match well with it.

K Kruger

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It would be fine. I might add 1 part finely ground medium-roasted coffee to 7 parts rub. Just a thought.


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Thanks for the quick reply!

Now, you couldn't point me toward a decent sauce to mix w/ the beef as I'm pulling it, could you?

Or do you even find that it needs the sauce?

And, so as not to veer completely off topic, I'll say again how great this rub is. Ancho chili powder is my new favorite spice.

Shawn W

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Now, you couldn't point me toward a decent sauce to mix w/ the beef as I'm pulling it, could you?
assuming you foil the beef around 160F, try very hard to save the liquid that accumulates in the foil

once you are done resting it get most of the fat off of it and add it back through your meat while you are pulling it

K Kruger

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Or, if you are feeling like a little sauce-making adventure, use those skimmed juices in this, a sauce I developed for CR for another member here, and see what you think. The spicing in the sauce would work with the rub well, imo.

Shawn W

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wow, that's kickin things up a notch Kevin, I'll be sure to try that, it sounds great

one thought in response I guess ... that recipe is pushing 3C, I imagine your intention isn't to add the whole batch?

I had some pulled meat from a restaurant the other day that to my thinking had too much liquid added to it and was held warm too long.

The reason I say that is because it was like a full size shredded wheat that has had boiling water poured over it, been drained then had some milk added to it. The meat wasn't in thumb size pieces or really any pieces at all, just strands of meat and it felt too wet when taking a bite.

K Kruger

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that recipe is pushing 3C, I imagine your intention isn't to add the whole batch?
Quite right. It is easier to write recipes using individual ingredient quantities that make measurement sense. Totalled, a sauce like this might make more than one needs to moisten/bind the meat, but excess can be served on the side and/or fridged/frozen.

I've has 'too wet' meat too -- and the 'shredded wheat' texture thing. Not pleasant.

Lee Morris

Need help on a chile substitution. Plan on trying this rub for the first time this Memorial weekend but don't have any New Mexico chiles. I have cascabel, guajillo, pasilla, chipotle, and aji amarillo that I could use in it's place.

Any suggestions for the best choice? My intended audience probably doesn't want it really hot.


Lee Morris

Wow...that's service. Thanks for the super fast response. This board is awesome. I thought about emailing you through your profile, but I kept the faith in the board and it paid off!

Don Irish

This rub is fantastic....I was out of no-salt rubs and reached for this for a salted, rested grass fed filet...OMG. I will have to try the coffee suggestion...Kevin, how else might you modify this for steak (not that it needs it)?

K Kruger

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For steak I'd likely cut the sugar by 75-85% and add ground clove at 25% of the amount of cinnamon in the mix. A t or two of ground bay would not be unwelcome.

Paul Mc

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is this really hot and spicey? my wife and i aren't into spicey foods, but don't mind a subtle little kick and we have a 2 year old as well.

could i omit one of the chili powders or cut it in half ? if i don't hear a response soon, since i plan on cooking my first butt tonight, i'll omit or cut down.


K Kruger

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Increase the Ancho to 1/2 c. Switch the hot NM chile powder to 1/4 c and change it to something milder, like guajillo.

Steve Petrone

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Finally getting around to try your rub...ooops no marjoram-pardon me while I slip oregano in its place. If I remember correctly you were not a fan of oregano in long cooks...anyway here goes. I'll know by tomorrow.

Bryan S

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Just got done making this one up myself. 2 minor changes for my tastes. I used 2TBS whole green peppercorns and ran them in the coffee mill along with only 2TBS of Thyme as I'm not a huge fan of Thyme. The mill broke the Thyme down nicely. The rub smells wonderful.
I have 2 fatties to go the WSM with this rub and using it on a butt later tonight.
EDIT: This rub tastes fantastic, Thanks for posting Kevin. It's a keeper.

Ralph Grunz

Originally posted by K Kruger:
Jane Cherry wanted to try a different butt rub for Smoke Day, so I suggested this:

1/2 c light or dark Muscovado sugar or Turbinado
1/4 c Ancho chili powder
1/2 c hot New Mexico chili powder
1/3 c onion powder
1/3 c garlic powder
1/4 c dried thyme
2 T marjoram
1 T ground coriander
1 T ground cumin
1T ground black pepper
2 t allspice
2 t cinnamon
2 t celery seed
2 t ginger

Blend everything.

As always, I do not include salt in my rub mixtures.

I prefer to apply a nice even amount of Kosher salt to my meat, wait several minutes for the surface of the meat to become moist (often I salt first, then mix the rub while the meat sits), then apply the rub generously.
KK; I can't wait to try that rub; the ginger really got my attention, and I can't wait to taste the cinnamon...Thanks for the post

Evan T

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I don't have Ancho chili powder or the New Mexico powder. Can I just use regular chili powder?

Plan on doing a butt this weekend.