A 16# Butterball on the 22.5" Kettle

MikeS in Alaska

I opted to put her on the kettle as I seem to be better able to control temp on the kettle in cold weather.

16.3 pund Butterball "Natural".

Brined over night with 1/2 gal Apple Juice, 1 cup kosher salt, 1 tbl sage, 1 tsp each blk pepper, thyme, basil, onion powder. Add enough water to just cover bird in brine bag (about 1 gal)

Rinsed, dried, rubbed with canola oil then sprinkled with the BRITU rub.

Kettle between 325°F -350°F

2 chunks apple, 1 chunk each alder / pecan

Picture is an hour in to a 3.5 hour cook. The skin ended up almost black. It may have been due to lack of head room in the kettle. Next time I will do this in the summer on the WSM 18.5
She sure ate good and the gravy was a meal unto itself.