9pm cole slaw



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Because it’s too hot to do much during the day and I’m lazy this weekend.

One green cabbage sliced into shreds.



Lightly salted and tossed so it’ll wilt and lose water which ruins a dressing into runny, watery slop


Dressing coming in 35 minutes

That one cabbage head put out 3/4 cup of water after being squeezed


Placed into bowl with dressing:

2C mayo
1/8 C ACV
1 Tbs ground black pepper
2.5 tsp of granulated natural sugar
1/2 tsp celery seeds

Mix above ingredients to make dressing. Adjust profile/flavor to your liking.

Then mix in the squeezed and drained cabbage


Evenly coated and tossed


Packed for fridge and marination



StLous up tmrw. Maybe add in a 3 cheese mac n cheese.

Pray for us. It’s supposed to be 113° on Labor Day.

And thanks to all those who struggled to bring about the Labor movement. I’m not a political person but I know we live in one damn good country when we work together. Not a political statement. I’m just a proud American.
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I've never salted and drained but it sounds like a good idea to avoid runny slaw the next day.
Im hoping it allows me to make my slaw the day before. I'll give it a try next time.
That looks good, like it would be perfect either on top a sandwich, or on the side. I really like it best without the colors - carrots, purple cabbage etc. But a little onion is fine. 🙂 Dressing sounds excellent too.

I salt the cabbage when I chop it myself, but this weekend I took a shortcut and used Dole packaged
cabbage. After 3 hours, I had maybe 1 drop of water!

So for anyone who wonders if they need to salt the packaged slaw - apparently it's not necessary. 😁