3D Printed Barrel Servo/Fan

Could somebody post their settings for the offset rotary valve?
I saw the ones from Geoff, but these seem to be for the Barrel servo..
That is dependent on where in the servo range you have the valve attached. I believe mine is around 650 to 2000 inverted
Ok thanks I will try these settings first and tweak from there.
Should the valve be completely closed at 0%, or still slightly open?
Ok thanks I will try these settings first and tweak from there.
Should the valve be completely closed at 0%, or still slightly open?

Completely closed at 0%. Basically, the face of the fan entrance into the valve should be parallel to the mount surface when at 100%. At 0%, the valve will be slightly backed off from the point where the fan wire guide meets the end of the track.
Found one on Amazon which looks pretty close. I'll update on how it fits next week.



This was close but not perfect. I had to grind off the bottom clip (as you look at the picture) and then glued it in with the wire covers facing the fan. I'll post some pictures of the finished unit.
Can anyone recommend a print service to have one of these mounts printed? I just searched on line and found one to upload the files to, but they are speaking another language and I don't know the answers! SLA?SLS?MJP? Not sure what to ask for. Any help is greatly appreciated! thanks.
You can always try makexyz.com or 3dhubs.com. They are services that can connect you with people that have printers and are willing to build parts for others. That type of service will likely be much less expensive that a commercial provider like Shapeways.
Hi all. I'm quite happy with this servo. However I have some issue to get the right settings for my primo xl. Temperature fluctuates a lot.
All settings I could find in this thread are for a bge large I think.
Does anyone have any good settings for a primo xl?
The settings shouldn't be all that different. Can you show us what your fluctuations are like and what settings you are using?
Hi Tom. I'm using these settings which I found for a primo XL:
Bias: 4 , P: 1.5 , I: 0.01 , D: 5
They might not be suitable in combination with the servo perhaps?
I won't have time to cook this week, but will post a graph next week.
Nick, earlier in the thread you asked for the settings and Tom replied with:


Fan min/max 0/100
Fan and servo mode​
Getting ready to build four of these for myself and some co-workers. Half of us have BGE's and the other half have 18.5" WSMs. I was planning on printing the 'offset rotary valve' and I believe this maps to:

using this blower from the first post in this thread:

MG90s servos?

Sound about right?

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Is it safe to assume that the fan indicated by the "Hardware" section of the build (http://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/BFB0612H/603-1117-ND/1014448) will not work with your version 2, Tom? Thanks.

The fan in the hardware section works with the barrel version, not the rotary version. The rotary version uses a more compact fan that is listed on the first page of this thread.

Brian, the UDS/rounded version can be found through the file link in the first post of the thread or here. The files are named *-UDS.stl. There are 3 files in total that you need. The valve file is universal.
Hi. Finally got some time for a new session.
I used these settings: 0/3/0.008/6
And this is the graph I got:

The first lid open detection was a false one, so I increased the threshold from 8% to 10%.

It looks like the pid is constantly overshooting and undershooting, and should stop a bit sooner with blowing before the setpoint. Any suggestions?