22.5" kettle warming rack


James Stewart

I used to have the Weber warming rack that rested right on top of your cooking grate, it was plated steel and finally rusted through. I was looking at different grate extenders for the BGE's and other kamados but don't know how good the clearance would be. I really miss having this feature, especially now when things are getting cold and Weber has discontinued this accesory. Does anybody have an idea where I could get something similar?
James, the clearance of the BGE raised grate is 3 1/4" and the sides flip up. You could take a lower grate from a WSM, cut aong the crossbars and and make a D shaped rack or leave it as is and use some threaded rod,fender washers and nuts and decide how much space you want. Check out the Naked Whiz Ceramic cooker site, there is a link for raised grates.