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    New build question lost the small copper thermocouple holder

    Hello all, I built a 4.2 heatermeter and lost the small metal (copper) thermocouple holder piece that attaches in the middle of the thermocouple. (I thought it was a piece of trash initially) Is this needed or can I just use a copper wire or paperclip and solder it into either side over the...
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    Thermocouple HM4.3 build. Help

    I just finished the HM 4.3. I am having issues with the Thermocouple. It's indicating that it is not connected although it is plugged in. I know the probe works because I have another thermometer that works with it. All other indications are good including the other probe positions. Thanks for...
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    Newbie advice?...with a Visions Grill Pro C model

    I am looking to get a couple HeaterMeter projects going after finding it during a search for an digital thermometer that has wifi acess. It looks awesome and I have a couple rpi B just sitting around. I think I have decided to go with the thermocouple board just so I have the best and not need...
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    Thermocouple usage

    Hi there, just wondering what people are using the Thermocouple for. * Pit * Food * Grill * All of the above? Just trying to work out where it fits in the picture. Thanks, mW
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    HeaterMeter 4.2 Thermocouple issue (constantly increases, w or w/o sensor)

    I am a noob. Been a lurker for a long time. Just put together my HM4.2 this weekend, and have an issue with the thermocouple. I did the preassembly amp check and everything was ok. The HM powers up, temp probes work, wifi and web based apps work, but the thermocouple constantly increments the...
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    Thermocouple reading WAY too high

    Hi all. I finished my first HM build this evening, which is pretty exciting. Everything seems to be working correctly (except the LCD, which I'm pretty sure I screwed up), but that doesn't bother me much, I am more interested in the web accessibility of the device (which I also need help with...
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    New HM build - Thermocouple always off

    I just completed the build of my HeaterMeter and had a leftover part - a Vishay 10K 1% thermistor from Mouser. I saw it in the build instructions and thought "why not". Well this this has taken more time than the assembly of the HM itself (try searching this forum for "thermocouple"). Apologies...