1. DrewZ

    S-320 Re-Freshening

    After finishing up the Genesis Junior, I spent a good amount of time browsing ads to find The Next Project. Instead, The Next Project was right under my nose the whole time. It's time to pay some long-overdue attention to my S-320 Natural Gasser. I bought it new in March 2008 as a belated...
  2. DrewZ

    First gasser rehab - Genesis Jr. - Modified with 3rd burner

    Update 7/4/20: Link to Google Album with many many pictures: Recap/Postscript: I've suffered from the charcoal form of Weberitis for a while, but lately I've been tugged by the need for...
  3. A

    2003 Genesis Silver B Rehab and Conversion

    Hello, I'm a first-timer restoring a Silver B that someone put to the curb. I've fixed the rust, now I just need to clean up and re-paint the sides of the lid and clean up the paint on the cart a bit. I'm posting to find out if anyone has an itemized list of all the hardware so that I would...
  4. A

    How much do you think I should list this on for?

    How much do you think I should list this one for? Looking for a ballpark number on this Genesis Silver B. I have a Spirit 310 NG, and don't need this one. But somebody in the neighborhood put it out for trash and it hurt my heart. The grates and flavorizer bars look new, I replaced the...
  5. M

    My redhead rehab

    First and foremost, I want to thank all the contributors to the forum. I thought about maintaining lurker status as I move on from this project, but the resource your posts provided in making this a reality were invaluable and credit is due. I started looking for a new grill at the beginning...
  6. J

    Weber Blackhead Rehab HELP!!!!!!!

    Hello and thank you for your time. I moved into a house in ann arbor and found this weber in the garage my landlord said i could have. i've only owned one gas grill in my entire life and it doesnt compare at all to a weber. i really have no idea where to begin on making this thing sweet but i...
  7. Bob Ivey

    Genesis 1000 Redhead In Orange County Calif.

    Craigslist Link Just saw this redhead on Craigslist. I just got one but this would be a great rehab project for someone on the forum. Good Luck. Only $25.00. Someone has to get this.
  8. Bob Ivey

    New Family Member (1996 Genesis 1000 Redhead)

    Been looking for a while and found this on CL for $55.00. Did minor cleaning to see how it works and cooked some chicken last night. Overall it works well. Now real damage but will need some parts and major cleaning and painting. Seller said he replaced the flavorizer bars last year but...