heatermeter 4.3

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    Heatermeter got wet. RTD re-calibration?

    My heatermeter (and Heatermeter Buddy) got caught in a brief shower a couple of weeks ago. It didn't seem like it got too wet but yesterday when set up again the RTD probes on all 3 jacks were reading about 28F high. I confirmed it was the Heatermeter by plugging the ThermoWorks Probe into the...
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    Airburner - HeaterMeter Success!

    Longtime lurker here (this may be my first forum post ever). But I got excited and had to post after finally fixing my temperature problems. The answer, in short - MAKE AN AIR BURNER! I had previously been using a cat dish with a hole drilled in it for a 1 inch pipe and held it to the WSM with...
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    Big Green Egg XL and Heatermeter 4.3

    Is any one using a heatermeter on a Big Green Egg XL? I bought the HM 4.3 kit for the raspberry pi, but I think the fan is too small for the size of the egg. Any one have thoughts on this? thanks, Dale