1. JoelAshmun

    Selling a Weber smokefire ex6

    Brand new, it’s been temped but never cooked in, any one interested? What should I sell this for?
  2. K

    Grilling over charcoal is objectively, scientifically better than grilling over gas

    Here is an article from Wired... Charcoal or GAS...!!
  3. C

    Heat Output/Searing: Early 90's Genesis vs newer models

    Hey all, new member here. I'm gonna post some of my Webers soon and show off my cooks too. In the meantime, who was an older "Redhead" Genesis and a newer (say late 2000s to current years) Genesis and do the old ones not have as much power? I did a resto on my Redhead and the first cook was...
  4. A

    How do i do this technique when smashing my burgers?

    I’m new to cooking smash burgers and found a video on YouTube. I have a trowel at home but not sure what this guy is using in this video. And what kind of technique he is using to smash them. Because i can never get my burgers that thin like a restaurant any help? Here’s the link to the...
  5. Jordan S.

    Wood chips and spare grilling utensils

    Howdy Crowd, I popped into the old local wal mart today here in the NE, Long Island more specifically, looking for some deals on charcoal and I came across much more. They are replacing their seasonal outdoor goods with Halloween stuff and in an isle all on it's own they have very inexpensive...
  6. Jordan S.

    Bacon wrapped, maple glazed Brussels sprouts..!

    You all are in for a real treat right here. This idea came to me by pure chance. While picking up a beautiful rack of baby backs, some fresh local sweet corn, onions, a couple cloves of garlic I happened on the Brussels sprouts, so I grabbed a dozen with no real idea as to what I was going to do...
  7. Mark Barton

    Put frozen steaks right on the grill?

    This morning I watched a fascinating video about cooking frozen steaks. Wondering if anyone has tried this on the grill? Anyone used reverse sear with this method?
  8. Michael C.

    Friday night Spares $1.49 lb special

    Our local grocery chain, Stators, has spare ribs on sale for $1.49 lb for Father's day weekend. Decided to get on early start on weekend grilling! Threw on some Memphis rub, first time trying it. I actually liked the flavor of the rub. Grilled the ribs directly, flipping them over and over...
  9. D

    Interest Product GrillEasy FireQube

    Hey guys, I recently stumbled upon this product, not a life saver for most diehard charcoal grillers, but a neat product for people "on-the-go" and the occasional griller, such as myself. Looks like they are using a disposable chimney to get the box started and natural lump charcoal, which is...
  10. Dave from Denver

    Easy weeknight balsamic chicken recipe

    I've been meaning to post this for a bit, and this new healthy grilling forum seems like the place. Beauty in simplicity here, give it a shot you might like it! Ingredients 10 Boneless skinless chicken thighs 1T Lawrys seasoned salt 1t garlic powder 4T balsamic vinegar Whisk together with fork...