1. D

    LEDE USB-Serial Port support

    I have a need to use a serial port or two on the HM. Does the LEDE Image support a USB to Serial port?
  2. R

    Suggestions on Homebrew Beer making controller?

    Hey guys, I thought this may be a good place to ask, since we're talking about a similar topic.....temperature controllers. I also started home-brewing beer a year ago. I've only made a few batches so far, but wanted to get more accurate/consistent results and thought about beer making...
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    TipTopTemp - Anyone Who Has Ever Used it?

    Hey guys...I'm new to this forum! :) I have a question for y'all: Do you guys know the Tiptoptemp? ( I stumbled on the website a few days ago... It looks useful but does it work properly? Thanks!