26 inch

  1. W

    Building a Glen Blue Smoker

    Last year, my local grill store got in a Weber Summit Charcoal and I looked it over as possibly being my barbecue machine. However, it was $1500 and I just didn’t think that I could justify that kind of expense for something that I would use two or three times a month. I have a Performer that...
  2. Bill Hall

    Thinking about a Weber Kettle 26er

    I've been thinking about getting a 26er lately and wanted some insight. I already have a WSM 18 and a 22 inch Kettle. I wanted something to cook larger portions for the few times a year I cook for 6-8 people. I would be cooking things like turkeys, ribs, wings, and random bone-in chicken pieces...
  3. Cee El

    26 incher for $175 in South Carolina

    I am downsizing, so my loss would be someone else's gain. I just don't have the room. $175 is my rock bottom lowest price. Thanks for looking. http://greenville.craigslist.org/for/5728467958.html