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Thread: Present for girlfriend

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    Present for girlfriend

    Happy Memorial Day!

    My girlfriend has a decent propane grill, but she loves the flavor from my charcoal cooking. But when cooking for her family, of course I'm at her house. So I've been thinking about buying her a Weber 22" OTG, but I had not pulled the trigger yet. Then yesterday, I found the Unicorn: a 22" MasterTouch in mint condition. The seller was including the indirect charcoal baskets and a Weber chimney. Everything looked brand new!

    The owner told me she had only cooked on it twice and didn't like the "inconvenience" of charcoal. She was asking $100, but when I offered her $60, she very quickly said "sure!"

    The look on my girlfriend's face was priceless! Major boyfriend brownie points here! Dinner that night was: chicken kabobs, grilled corn and various types of sausages (using KBB and apple wood.)
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    One woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure. Good choice. Nothing wrong with used kettles. There are plenty cheap ones available.

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    That’s a fantastic deal!
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